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Across the Pond with the Nickerson Team

Nickerson Team at English Premier League game

From Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to The Arts Club, Tate Modern, and beyond, the Nickerson team had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse ourselves in London culture this Fall.

Nickerson has a unique “Work From Anywhere” policy, and team members have spent the last year and a half traveling to Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, and beyond to work from environments both new and familiar. Crossing the pond, however, was a first for the team when Lisa, Molly, Mark and I jetted to London in October.

In London, the team had the opportunity to attend the exciting CRETech London Conference, meet with clients, and enjoy working together in-person (who knew that could feel so novel?), all while enjoying everything that autumn in London has to offer.

Between meetings, client calls, and conference panels, I attended my first English Premier League game, where we watched Manchester United battle it out against the Tottenham Hotspurs. We enjoyed being six hours ahead of our colleagues in the U.S., and used morning hours to enjoy leisurely walks through London’s bounty of museums, including the Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert Museum, and more. In the evening, if we weren’t bopping over to Harrod’s to enjoy the Christmas display, we had long dinners together and even met up with friends and clients (hi, Vasileios Karatzenis!) to explore London’s delicious food scene.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Harrod’s Christmas display

London is one of my favorite cities, and an exciting place to watch the real estate industry evolve. From innovative PropTech startups, sustainability initiatives, and the eye candy of architecture from centuries ago (through modern marvels going up before our eyes!), the people we met and things we saw were unique and memorable.

Nickerson Team with Vasileios Karatzenis

While remote work sometimes has its challenges, having the opportunity to meet with teammates in-person brings not only a bonding experience, but the ability to discuss big ideas together; technology, sustainability, design, business, fashion and gardening were all topics of conversation around the dinner table (which was also our team workstation). This is just one example of the team traveling together, too – keep your eye out for Nickerson team members in San Diego, Toronto, Copenhagen, Athens, and more in the months to come! We’ll be sharing our favorite moments along the way.

Written by Associate Director, Real Estate, Maddie Schmitz

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