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A Journey of Elevation

I began my career with Nickerson three years ago in February 2019, and what a journey of learning, development and elevation it has been. My position as senior coordinator with Nickerson was my first agency experience after working in in-house marketing at a real estate brokerage in Washington, DC. Lisa Nickerson, our CEO and Founder, was looking for someone with more substantial agency experience to join the team at a senior level, but I convinced her that in less than six months I would get up to speed. While she had been hoping to hire a senior-level team member, she took a chance on me and gave me a shot to prove myself by producing and contributing to the team. I was determined to elevate my job performance and prove that Lisa had made the right decision.

SLT Offsite in 2019 at Chatham Bars Inn

Fast forward seven months to November 2019. I’d since been promoted twice and had joined our senior leadership offsite summit, organized to help drive the growth and determine the trajectory of the agency. It was during this offsite that we set our goals for the next five years, including our current mission–to elevate the experiential journey–and our vision–to serve as a trusted, global partner to elite, forward-thinking brands.

During that offsite meeting in November of 2019, the mission and vision were just words on a page, but in two years, even amidst the pandemic, I’ve come to find that Nickerson has elevated my personal and professional journey, and that my growth has progressed in complete lockstep with the growth of the agency.

From managing the implementation of Nickerson’s operations, to collaborating with media and providing strategic communications counsel, I’ve worn many hats at Nickerson over the course of three years. And as Nickerson continues on a path of international growth, promoting client-partner projects across the country and globe, I’ve had the opportunity to exponentially expand my skillset. I’ve grown from Senior Coordinator of PR & Communications to VP, Performance Management, where I’m responsible for the satisfaction of our team and client-partners – ensuring that the team and our partners have what they need to provide for those elevated journeys.

ULI Summer Social

Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to grow my network and join professional organizations and philanthropies, becoming a member of the Urban Land Institute Boston/New England’s Women’s Leadership Council, Women’s Leadership Steering Committee, and Programs Committee. I am also serving as the Chair of Housing Families’ Young Professional Advisory Council, working to involve young leaders in expanding the organization’s impact.

London CRETECH Conference 2021

Just as I have grown, the agency has grown with new team members around the country. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to conferences in cities like Chicago and London and hold meetings with clients in Denver while visiting family in the city. I’ve been fortunate to shape the current agency, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can create for our future. At Nickerson, it’s our mission to elevate the experiential journey. So, too, is it my personal mission.

Written by VP, Performance Management, Molly Silvia. Connect with Molly on LinkedIn and congratulate her on her work anniversary!

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